Topsoil & Compost available in loose loads or bulk dumpy bags:

Combining the delivery of your turf and topsoil could result in discount.

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Devon Topsoil

Devon Lawn Turf supply quality blended topsoil.

topsoilOur topsoil is blended with a combination of screened topsoil and screened PAS100 compost. We dry store the topsoil to ensure it remains light and workable all year round. The topsoil is high in nutrients and is great for growing plants and vedge and ofcourse laying underneath turf.

We can deliver the topsoil in loose loads from 2-20 tons or we can also supply the soil in dumpy bags. The dumpy bags are more expensive but they can be lifted over fences and walls and they keep the topsoil contained so they are a popular choice.

1 Dumpy bag of soil is 1 cubic yard, 0.73 cubic meters. It will cover an area of 30sq M to the depth of 25mm (1inch)

New Supreme Turf

Order Supreme Turf now for your shaded lawns & high wear areas. Our new Supreme turf contains THE most shade tolerant grass available.

Supreme shade turf

Lawn Turf in Devon
Shade Tolerant Turf
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